1DayRetention 13.2 please where to put the count?


1Day Retention 13.2

this is my code:

I get the error messages:
Select date, count, count.
Error: near line 1: near "count": syntax error

Whenever count had had to be put in before, I managed always, but here I have no clue. Please tell me.
The GetCode function would only get the 3rd part, which doesn't seem to hold answers for me.

  date(g1.created_at) as dt,
  count(distinct g1.user_id) as total_users,
  count(distinct g2.user_id) as retained_users
from gameplays as g1
  left join gameplays as g2 on
    g1.user_id = g2.user_id
    and date(g1.created_at) = date(datetime(g2.created_at, '-1 day'))
    count(distinct g1.user_id)
    count(distinct g2.user_id)
group by 1
order by 1
limit 100;


anyone who can help me please? i would love to finish this course and this is the only time I needed help during all 3 SQL courses.
maybe there's an admin who knows?


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