19 - Review:built - in functions


I’m stuck as to why it won’t work. Someone please help! :’(

def distance_from_zero(elephant)
if type(elephant) == int:
return abs(elephant)

elif type(elephant) == float:
    return abs(elephant)

    return ("Nope")



I suggest you properly codify your code first, by highlighting it all and hitting the </> key above the post area or hitting ctrl+alt+c while it’s highlighted or using markdown.


``` # END

Doing this will ensure that we as a community can read your code as white-space indentations is 100% important in python.

Next you should also post the ROI of your task so that we can help you, it’s been a while so I don’t remember what the task is and the same is most likely true for anyone who can give you useful help.

Finally, from what I can see you are trying to tell the distance from zero for any number?

Just create a simple function to do so,

def distance_from_zero(number):
        return abs(number)
    except TypeError:
        return "Failed on input!"

If that is not what you are looking for please ask again, with the appropriate information so that we can help you.


Thank you for those tips, here is the code again:

def distance_from_zero(elephant):
    if type(elephant) == int:
        return abs(elephant)

    elif type(elephant) == float;
        return abs(elephant)

        return ("Nope")


Done it now; thank you to @zeziba and @amanuel2 for helping me out.

Here is a cookie, make sure to share it.



I’m not sure if this is the only problem, but after there is a “;” at the end of the elif statement.

edit: so I just tried it out, if you change the semi-colon to a colon you should be set.


Here is how I coded.
def distance_from_zero(hello):
if type(hello) == int or type(hello) == float:
return abs(hello)
return “nope”
It worked.


EL problema puede ser las " ", aveces no te deja pasar si no usas las ’ '.
Otra cosa, que escribas correctamente la palabra, None está con la N en mayúscula, prueba escribiendo ‘none’ en minúscula. A mí me funcionó este código:

def distancia_desde_cero(i):
    if type(i)== int or type(i)== float:
        #print abs(i)
        return abs(i)
        return 'none'