19. More kinds of methods


It says:"Oops, try again. Your method failed when sideLength was 0 where it returned NaN instead of 0" I can't see where i'm wrong.

var square = new Object();
square.sideLength = 6;
square.calcPerimeter = function() {
return this.sideLength * 4;
// help us define an area method here
square.calcArea = function() {
return this.sideLenght * this.sideLenght;

var p = square.calcPerimeter();
var a = square.calcArea();


return this.sideLenght * this.sideLenght; length is spelled wrong in both cases in that line


Yes, thank you! I find too!


Good! :smiley: I hate when I misspell things and miss grammar marks :cry: it can be frustrating


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