19. Math


if( "Jon".length * 2 / 3 === 2 )
console.log("Ответ похож на правду!");
console.log("Ошибка Ошибка Ошибка");

Oops, try again. Проверь, верно ли твоё утверждение!

please, help


Your code is correct, try to change log's values:

if ("Jon".length * 2 / 3 === 2)
    console.log("The answer makes sense!");
    console.log("Error Error Error");


Unfortunately, the same message
I can not pass a simple task for the third day(((


I passed the lesson using my code. Try refresh browser, reset code and paste my code once more.


tried, same result
I think that the problem is not in the code and the browser


please, help!
how to fix this bug?
a bug in the lesson, a true statement is not accepted


Please post the updated version of your code.


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