19 Inheriting a fortune - need help


Hello ! I read every topic about 19 "Inheriting a fortune" but it's not working ... my code seems to be good (or not ?) (i refresh the page 3 times and tried with chrome ...)

thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Is it behaving the way you want? Have you tested it yourself? What are you trying to change? Link to exercise?


the link to the exercise (wich i find in english ) : 19. Inheriting a fortune

when i try to validate i have this one :

'Did you set Email's initialize method to take a single parameter, 'subject'?"
i don't understand the error because i have just one parameter ("subject" = "sujet" in my code) like it's asking

i would find the good way to success this exercise :slight_smile:


Does that link really take you to the french version? The link refers to an english track (ruby-beginner-en-MFiQ6) but I could find the french one by searching on the error message (ruby-beginner-fr-FR-ijkr8)

Anyway, it's looking for a match to the regex /\sujet\b/ - \s matches a whitespace character, so it's actually looking for


(with a leading space/tab)

..one could put that in a comment:

# ujet


It's working ! thanks for your help !!

(I used the link in English to show you what i was working on (but yes I work on the French version).


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