19. Background color, height, and width- div does not appear



Low Priority Question
My code is perfectly fine and the lesson will even let me continue on to the next, but I'm a bit disappointed because the div is not showing up. I've triple-checked my code and even tried setting it up differently or refreshing my browser.
Is there anything I can do to make it show up? Is is NOT supposed to show up at this point? I'm just going to continue through the lessons, but it bugs me that this happened.
This is my code:

div {
    background-color: #cc000; height: 100px; width: 100px;


it should, but the color should have 4 zeros: #cc0000, you only have 3 zeros


oooooooooooohh... ok. Thank you very much! You made my day! :slight_smile: It works perfectly now.