18. Review <img src /> not displaying picture


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I am not receiving an error message, codecademy is passing me but my photo is broken.

	<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
	<title>My favorite band!</title>


	<h1> Alkaline Trio<h1/>
	<img src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/9bys3uczg9bbv5h/Alkaline%20Trio.jpg?dl=0"/>

	<body style="background-color: black">
	<p> <strong>Alkaline Trio </strong> formed in 1997 composed of drummer Matt Skiba (vocals/guitar), percussionist Glenn Porter and Rob Doran (bass/vocals). Later that year Dan Andriano replaced Rob Doran taking over bass duties and provides complementary vocals and songwriting to Skiba. Their music is emotion-fueled, angst-ridden dark pop-punk.  The band made their full-length debut album Goddamnit in 1998.  Both Maybe I'll Catch Fire and a self-titled singles collection followed in early 1999. Glenn Poter left the band early the following year and Mike Felumlee joined after his departure. From Here to Infirmary arrived in 2001 to a luke warm fan response. Alkaline Trio and Hot Water music created a split EP one year later with both bands contributing new tracks and covers of each others songs.  Good Mourning was released two years later, marking the band's first album with drummer Derek Grant.  Good Mourning did well, winning the band a spot on the Billboard charts and landing several spots on late-night tv and summer tours. Crimson followed in 2005 enabling the band to return to tour, both as a headliner and as an opening act for My Chemical Romance.  As their 10 year anniversary approached, Alkaline Trio hit the road in 2006 with a set that emphasized material from their earliest releases, including an entire run-through of the fan-favorite Goddamnit!  January 2007 saw Alkaline trio being dismissed from their label before any material was released.  That same month, Vagrant released a CD/DVD compilation named Remains, composed of B-sides and rarities and secured a deal with Epic records. They also worked on a new album, Agony and Irony, which was released that summer and debuted at number 13, marking Alkaline Trio's highest chart placement to date.  Despite their success, the band left Epic's roster one year later and launched their own label, Heart and Skull, which they used to release This Addiction in 2010.  The following year the band released their eigth album, Damnesia, which featured acoustic renditions of some of the bands most beloved songs as well as a new pair of tracks.  In 2013, Alkaline Trio returned with My Shame is True.  </p>   


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Link to a resource that is not password protected. The resource you are linking to will not permit hotlinking. See if you can find a public resource like imgur or something that does not require a login.

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Thanks for the advice. I am working on it. In the mean time, can you tell me why I can’t upload to google photos anymore because after searching google I read last august people were not able to upload pictures.

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Not very good with SE advice. Check the SEO and SEM forums for insights into Google, Bing, Yahoo!, et al.

One thing I will say, though, is that it is better to host and get indexed than be hosted on Google or another SE’s site. They can drop an image anytime they see fit. Keep the resource in your control, not theirs.

Two things I do…

If I want the image indexed,

… make sure there is adequate context surrounding the image in the page is a starting point. Give the image a caption is another. Use an IMG element. Make sure the ALT attribute is populated according to standards. Give it a TITLE attribute that brings it more into context. Make sure the image is web optimized so the SE can download it quickly. Be sure the width and height are set. Wipe as much information from the image headers as possible to make it public domain approved.

Most of all, make sure the image fits the context of the page it is on. The page is the resource that will be called. This image will bring traffic to this page. Ultimately, this image will get into the indexes of the SE’s. It is properly packaged and presents itself as indexable.

Second, if I don’t want images indexed,

… never put them in IMG tags; and, don’t store them in your img or images folder.

We control robots through the robots.txt file. Most SE’s respect the directives and skip any content we don’t want them to peruse. If we check the access logs we will see this is true. robots.txt is called first, before any other resources are requested. All we need do is disallow the skins folder in our css directory. Now we can tuck all our non-indexed images there and display them as CSS backgrounds.

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Thanks so much for the info. Its a bit ahead of where I am at but nonetheless useful. I book marked your post for reference.

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Just to add, if we have an image on a page that is something we want to keep off the indexes, we can also tell the SE’s not to index the page. They won’t index the content if the page is noindex. Use the robots meta declaration in the page head for this.

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