18 Herencia


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class Triangulo(object):
numero_de_lados = 3
def init(self, angle1, angle2, angle3):
self.angle1 = angle1
self.angle2 = angle2
self.angle3 = angle3
def revisar_angulos(self):
if self.angle1+ self.angle2+ self.angle3==180:
return True
return False
class Equilatero(Triangulo):
angulo = 60
def init(self):
self.angle1 = angulo
self.angle2 = angulo
self.angle3 = angulo

mi_triangulo = Triangulo(90, 30, 60)
print mi_triangulo.revisar_angulos()

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Change all instances of angle_ to angulo_.


        self.angulo1 = self.angulo

Likewise for the other two.