#18: Correct answer appears in console but error message appears


This is what appears in console window when code after Save and Submit button is clicked:
I am another secret message!

This is the error message that appears:
Oops, try again.
It looks like your message is "IXXX aXXmX aXXXnXoXXXXXtXhXeXXXXrX
sXXXXeXcXXXrXeXt mXXeXsXXXsXaXXXXXXgXeX!XX" instead of "I am another
secret message!"

I think something is broke.


Perhaps your result is supposed to be presented in some other way than printing it. What do the instructions say?


Thanks. It required a print step but the instruction prescribed a different way of getting to it than I took. Your comment helped me recognize that.