18/20 i need help

So my code is running fine but when I press enter this pops up Oops, try again. It looks like you didn’t use the conditional assignment operator in your code. But in my code
puts “What is your fave animal?”
favorite_animal = gets.chomp
[“Bunny”].each do |animal|
puts “I love #{animal}!”
I believe I do can someone please walk me through what I have been doing wrong… I have even tried restarting the page and its still dose not work… I have also been stuck on it for about two weeks… PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE !!!

The only instructions for this exercise are the following:

Create a variable called favorite_animal and conditionally assign it to a string containing the name of your favorite animal.

Therefore, I don’t understand why you’re trying to use puts, each or anything of the sort. You don’t need any of that.

You just need to assign a value to a variable called favorite_animal, by using the conditional assignment operator, nothing else. If you don’t remember how to use this operator, use the hint or go back to the lesson 6/20, it’s explained (and since you passed it you’ll see how you did it back then).

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Thank you so very much I guess that I let my frustration get to my head I now remember how to do them :smile:

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I’m stuck on this and need help.

Write your code on line 2!

puts favorite_language

which one are you on can you put the code and what you are doing so we can help??

Okay I will need to do it on Monday. Sorry for the problems.I am on zen and Ruby I think I am not on a computer right now. Sorry for the head ache.

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I have one more favor
can you help me on
Now You Try!

what do you need help with?

what should I put, can you please help.

Instructions Steps

  1. Create variable
  2. Conditional Assignment operator
  3. Create string: example (My_Cat’s_Name_Baby_Girl) end of string!

favorite_animal ||= “Cat”

Make sure you spell favorite the American way! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the answer :slight_smile: , Aha I’m Welsh so I make the mistake of spelling favorite the “normal” way too many times in coding, then sit there for hours trying to figure out whats wrong with my code :L