18/18 Iterating with .times


My code isn't running, simple as it it...

30.times {print "Ruby"}

Could anyone tell me what is wrong?


Your code works in the lab, what error are you getting?


Thank you for responding. It had said Ruby wasn't printing 30 times basically; but I can see it there alright. I refreshed everything and ran the code again and it went through. Thank you again!


I am unable to pass this stage either. the code is simple. the error i get is "
Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't print out the string 'Ruby!' 30 times."

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Your forgot the exclamation mark " ! " at the end of "Ruby!"


the answer is
30.times {print "Ruby!"}


30.times {print "Ruby!"}


it is supposed to say 30.times {print "Ruby!"}

(hint) you forgot the "!"


Make sure you format it "Ruby!" with an ! included. If you are missing this character it will be counted as incorrect.