17. Why does this not work :(


if (10 === 10) {
console.log("You got it true!");
} else {
console.log("You got it false!");
i keep seeing an error!
Any Suggestions???


Remember from the instructions, "computers are very literal".

Check carefully what your error message is saying:

It looks like your if/else didn't log 'You got a true!' to the console.


But then this doesn't work either.

if (10>2) {
console.log('You got a true!');
else {
console.log('You got a false!');


There are only two changes to make in the provided code.

  1. Change = to ===
  2. Remove the semi-colon from if (10 = 10); {



Thanks, You are right. Also if using chrome, I found out that the correct answer does not work in Chrome. I tried firefox and it worked.