17. Computers aren't that smart



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``` 17. Computers aren't that smart

if (10 === 10) {
console.log(“You got a true!”);
} else {
console.log(“you got a false!”);

“Oops, try again. It looks like some of the syntax is still wonky! Check the Hint if you need help.” is what its telling , by to my knowledge the code is correcT? why wont it log

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Yeah youre right that your code is correct, but sometimes, we need to follow the instructions.

01. In line 1, fill in a condition that will evaluate to false
but you wrote:

your if statement evaluates to true, wherein the instruction says: your condition must evaluate to false.


Its a problem with Chrome i think, the code is correct and passes in firefox or IE… just not chrome for some reason


I tried your code too and it passed. But when i looked at and read the instructions, i observed that your if statement evaluates to true wherein the instruction says your condition must evaluates to false. I think this lesson is a bug. But then when he program says you passed, then you can proceed to the next lesson :slight_smile: