17. Been Around the Block a Few Times



Hello can someone help me with this question. I tried this the solution with the block above, although the system tells me - Oops, try again. It looks like ints isn't an array.

I also tried the solution using creating a Proc and Lambda block, and the same issue.

odds_n_ends = [:weezard, 42, "Trady Blix", 3, true, 19, 12.345]

ints = odds_n_ends.select {|x| x.is_a? Interger}


Make sure to spell Integer correctly.
Interger > Integer

My code works:

odds_n_ends = [:weezard, 42, "Trady Blix", 3, true, 19, 12.345]
ints= odds_n_ends.select { |a| a.is_a? Integer}


Thank you very much, i wish there was a monkey emoji covering his eyes, thats how i feel right now hahaha... thanks


We've all done it :smiley:


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