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Hi, I've got a problem in the exercise 17/28 for java on the french version of codecademy. I have to write :
« 'C'est vrai : true' »
« 'C'est faux : false' ».
The problem is that I can't use the apostrophe « " » I have to use « ' »
But the apostrophe from the «C'est» is recognized as the end of the argument list.

Thanks for your help ! :smile:


Did you try escapement?



Thanks :smiley: But now, I've got

and in the console:

Help me please D:


The problem is that the program is supposed to print 'C'est vrai : true!' to the console, but because 'Je suis une fleur' does not equal 17, the string 'C'est faux : false!' is printed instead.


Now, I said ABCD. It's four characters, ok ? but look :


No, sorry, I've Won :smiley: Thanks :wink:


'ABCD' does not equal 4. Do 'ABCD'.length === 4 instead.

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Thanks for help ! It's work. :smiley:


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