Can someone help me to check whether my code is correct? I pass the level but i do not get the results that i am suppose to see.

Remember, the statements are “case sensitive”. If you were trying to get ruby then you will need to put in “Ruby” not “ruby” You could have it all be in lower case and add “.downcase” after the “gets.chomp” and then change all your answers to lower case letters. or reverse that with “.upcase”. Either way your answers are case sensitive.

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Try removing ‘==’ and replacing with a single ‘=’ and don’t forget to put ‘puts’ after ‘then’

I came to this thread stumped to try to find the answer, but figured it out on my own . You don’t need language = after each “when” - the case statement is designed to simplify here.

it should be
when “Ruby”
then puts “Ruby is great for web apps!”


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