17/19 Code seems to be working but returns an error


that is my code below and the right results are returned on the interpreter but it returns an error 
Oops, try again. Did you create an instance of Triangle called my_triangle?

 class Triangle(object):
    number_of_sides = 3
    def __init__(self, angle1, angle2, angle3):
        self.angle1 = angle1
        self.angle2 = angle2
        self.angle3 = angle3
    def check_angles(self):
        if self.angle1 + self.angle2 + self.angle3 == 180:
            return True
            return False
    my_triangle = Triangle(90, 30, 60)
    print my_triangle.number_of_sides
    print my_triangle.check_angles()


i would create the my_triangle outside of the Triangle class, since you want a new Triangle instance


thanks a million..don't know how I missed that