16. Using strings in lists in functions misunderstanding


n = ["Michael", "Lieberman"]
def join_strings(words):
result = ""
for item in words:
result = result + item
return result
print join_strings(n)

I used this code for this exercise and it works fine by printing "MichaelLieberman".

But if you change the result variable to this:

result = item + result

It prints out : "LiebermanMichael" (the thing is this usually shouldn't happen)

Why is this the case? Can anyone explain? Help is very much appreciated.


The above operation is concatenating item to the left hand side of result, hence the words are shown in reverse.

y = "one"
y += "two"         # concatenate to right side
print y            # onetwo

y = "three" + y    # concatenate to left side
print y            # threeonetwo


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