16 More practice with conditionals


I am stumped ladies and gentlemen. I have checked, rechecked and checked my code. Suggestions?

Oops, try again. It looks like your if/else statement didn't log "The condition is false" to the console.

if( 275 > 300)
    console.log("That's alot of weight");

    console.log ("That's puny weight!");

Replace this line with your code.


Try replacing your

console.log ("That's puny weight!");

with the required

console.log( "The condition is false" );


On this part:

Read the instructions carefully, your programs should print out "The condition is false" not "That's puny weight!"
In some point, we need to follow the instructions.

02. If your condition is true, use console.log to print "The condition is true".

03. Otherwise (else) when it is false, use console.log to print "The condition is false".


Thanks for the solution.


I was just having the same problem. After numerous tries I changed my code to match the example. The condition is false and it still will not run correctly.

if( 10 < 3 )
console.log("The condition is true");
console.log("The codition is false");


Looks like you have a typo there.



Have a close look at



Thanks a bunch. I feel silly. I didn't see that.