16. More conditionals


Does it mean if or something else?


You mean this:


If you do thats like you can say what "Hugs" your objects and for loop, and while loop, and if else loop , and..... :laughing:

Basically it is a global syntax everyone has to follow. For example


console.log("Grown up")

console.log("I looped " + i + "Time")


@c0d34ev3er, The "curve" brackets you're talking about, do you mean the curly braces " { } " or the parenthesis " ( ) ". There are also just regular brackets " [ ] " but those are used for arrays, don't worry about those right now.


I tried your example then it says you need quotes around age and Lolman I mean the curly brackets


It says that your if/else stamen don't log the condition is false console

and it looks like this:

// Remember, the order and punctuation matter.
// If you get an error, check carefully, line by line.
// If you're really stuck, click "Stuck? Get a hint!"
if (20 > 10)
else (10 > 20)


yea because its logging true, since 20 is greater than 10. You should switch the false and true up, so it passes for you...


I like how codecademy has this thing where you can see other peoples questions and see the answers. After all you might have the same problem! :grinning:


i am also having a problem with this one any ideas... ive read all above.