16. Editing an Existing object



Did you create a key called interests for myObject?

var myObject = {
  name: 'Eduardo',
  type: 'Most excellent',
  // Add your code here!


the error message seems pretty self explaining? You need to add key value pair to myObject


For now, this object has keys name and type. You have to add a key called interests.


There was a problem with your syntax.

var myObject = {
name: 'Jasmine',
type: 'Flower',
intrests: 'Band', 'Choir',


if you want to have multiply values for your interests key (which you misspelled by the way), use an array


var myObject = {
name: 'Jasmine',
type: 'Flower',
interests: [['Band'],['Choir']]


a normal array:

['item1', 'item2']

will do, no need for a multi dimensional array


it still worked what I did, but thanks for the note. I will keep this into consideration. :smile:


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