16. Dare to Compare



help please I can't understand this task
give an example

test_1 should be false
test_1 =

test_2 = should be false
test_2 =

test_3 = should be true
test_3 =


Here you're establishing Boolean values for these variablea

How do you set a variable equal to a string?
You're basically doing that but without the quotes and you can only use True and False


an example can lead,
that I knew where my mistake
I do not understand


To set a variable, you use

Now, the exercise is asking you to set the variable to a boolean. A Boolean is either True or False, never anything else.

The variable that declares the Boolean will be set up like


that is

test_1 should be false
test_1 = true
first_name = true



It should look like this. There are a lot of answers which don't really answer the question.

I input the values of "test_3 = 10 > 8" but I left the // which will result in a regex error. It doesn't tell you this. I've noticed a lot of lack of proper explanations in these tutorials. They're explained by people whom assume you already know this stuff. If you did, elsif you wouldn't be doing these. You'd be coding elsewhere !
You need an expression such as ==, or != but it doesn't explain it well.
an example:

test_3 = should be true

test_3 = 10 > 8 == true

Another thing that I see, but I don't know if anyone else notices is the elsif statement that's ELSIF not the correct english way to write it condensed would be ELSEIF Else = if

I notice things like this.