16. Arrays and Objects in JS


Ok, this is driving me crazy. Obviously I am doing something not quite right. Can someone help please? Here is my code:

var myObject = {
name: 'Eduardo',
type: 'Most excellent',
interests: 'garbage sorting'

Comment back "Oops, try again. Did you give your interests key an array value?"
ME: Yes I did!
I know it is going to be something so simple, but whatever it i,s it is alluding me at the moment.


No, you didn't. You gave it a string value, and you're supposed to give it and array value.

// array with one element
interests: [1]
// array with more elements
interests: [1, 2]

// array with object(s)
interests: [{}]

You see my point. Now you can add any of these arrays to your interests. Array with numbers, strings, objects...whatever you prefer.


No, I'm still confused as it (to me) it looks exactly the same as codecademy ones above it (i.e. the type and the name values).
Honestly I don't mean to be a pain and I am very grateful for your help. But I really want to understand rather than copy and paste/adjust.

Thank you in advance.


Got it! Thank you! Yes the instructions asked for this part to be an array - duh! Hey ho. Live and learn


Did you really get it? If not, just ask and I'll try to explain more. But considering your second reply, I guess we can call it solved?


oh hello , yes , velly good , thank you velly much.


my code is
var myObject = {
name: 'Eduardo',
type: 'Most excellent',
// Add your code here!
interests: ["Eating potatoes,", "taking naps."].
and it says
Oops, try again.
There was a problem with your syntax.
Can someone help?


You have dot (.) right after you close interests array. Remove it (it's one line above your last line) and you should be fine.


I thought the interrupter would accept the first script below, but it did not. It did accept the second script though.

var anArray = ["Tiger", 500];

var myObject = {
name: 'Eduardo',
type: 'Most excellent',
interests: anArray[0]

var myObject = {
name: 'Eduardo',
type: 'Most excellent',
interests: ["Tiger"]


you didn't give array value in interests put interests:["dhoni", "ashwin"]