16.And now,for something completely different


stuck on this one for ages pls someone help


You need to give us the lesson URL, your code and error


Strings & Console Output


i don't know the code I've just been trying different things


what language ? What's the name of the course ? could you paste in the website address ?

Make sure you read the instructions and follow it


I've created a variable but it just says have you created one


can you paste in what you typed so I can help you


my_string = 123 i don't know if this is wrong or right to create a variable


You can create variables in many languages and all languages have different syntax, you need to tell me what language this is .. Just paste in the URL(course link)


wheres the URL sorry


In most browsers it's at the top of the screen, where you see http://www.something.com

See the link at the top that's highlighted in blue copy that




The lesson is asking you to make a string, strings have quotation marks around them like so:

my_name = "My name is so and so"