16. A font of knowledge


hey guys, I passed but the display does not look right. here is my code:

/*Add your CSS below!*/




the h1 and h2 work right but the h3 stays the same. any ideas?

this is my result:


Which Browser & version are you using
on which Operating system....


google chrome. on Mac.


You forgot to mention the chrome-version....
and could you give us the FULL HTML code you are using...

You might also try
In your CSS-file
h3 { font-family: cursive !important; }

or in your h3-Tag
<h3 style="font-family: cursive !important;">


i looked at it on my laptop (mac book pro) and it works there. might just be my computer. also idk the chrome version, it the latest version probably.


I expect your default font-setting
gives you a font which does not have a cursive font-family-subset.....

Doing searches
mac cursive font site:apple.com => Font Book application
mac cursive font site:stackoverflow.com

they suggest a check
h3 { font:Arial; font-family:cursive; }


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