16/18 Review: Private Affairs

Um, help. I’ve typed it several different ways (including some other strange ones), and am still stuck. I keep resetting and coming back… let’s start with this please.

class Application
attr_accessor :status
def initialize; end

def print_status; end
puts “All systems go!”

def password; end
return 12345

I’ve tried puts and prints instead of return. I’ve tried defining password as an empty set. I’ve tried defining it as the password 12345. I’ve tried quite a lot of things and am still stuck. Help!

Well… I finally changed enough things that it let me pass (“You shall not pass!”) but it didn’t return the password, or at least it didn’t seem to. I’ll put my results for the private method below. Please let me know how I can improve upon them.

def password
@password = 12345
return password

you should try emulating what was done on lesson 4. That worked for me

def id