15 The Big If


I have a problem with exercise 15: The Big If

I have searched in previous posts but I still don't know what is happening.

I get this response:

Here is my code.

def the_flying_circus():
    if 8 + 8 < 16:
        print "Smaller"
    elif 8 + 8 > 16:
        print "Bigger"
        print "True"
print the_flying_circus()

Thanks in advance!


What is the problem? Gotta start there, says a lot about what to change.. And then go backwards from there.


Have you read my entire post?
I don't understand your answer.


By explaining why you're stuck you make your question much more specific and easy to answer. This is also how you would start solving the problem yourself, which means there's a decent chance you'll outright figure it out yourself by explaining what the problem is. And even if you don't, you'll have shown that you tried and you also practiced and perhaps partially solved the problem.

Explain what the problem is. Explain what information you need.


Dude, the problem with the code is to make sure you have only one boolean operator.