15. The big if - yes, again


I know there are several topics about this same step of the lesson, but I did not find a similar question.

My question is, do we know what 'def' is at this point of the course?  It seemed to have just crept in somehow without proper introduction. The course so far was very much for beginners (which I am) and everything was explained in great detail (which I sure appreciate), and bam, suddenly there is a whole new keyword without any notice.
Just curious if that was intended, is all.


In the exercise number 12 you can read:

In the editor you'll see two functions. Don't worry about anything unfamiliar. We'll explain soon enough.

All things related to the functions are covered in the lesson Functions.

To answer your question -> no, at this point of the course def wasn't introduced and probably it was intended :slight_smile: