15. Symbols


I so I thought I managed to pass with one with the code :

mon_tableau = ["raindrops", :kettles, "whiskers", :mittens, :packages]

filtre_symbole = lambda { |mon_tableau| mon_tableau.is_a? Symbol }

But it keeps telling me that :kettles is not in the array and that it should be .
When I execute the code I have this : [:kettles, :mittens, :packages]

Can you help me ?


Create a new variable called symbols, and store the result of calling my_array.select and passing it your lambda.

Your code is missing the variable assignment:

symbols = mon_tableau.select(&filtre_symbole)

I'm looking at the English lesson, not the French, so you will need to use the variable name instructed in your lesson.


Thanks a lot I passed the assignment soon after posting and forgot to mention it .