15. Multidimensional arrays




I wonder what is wrong with this. It says: "SyntaxError: missing before statement". And: "Oops, try again. There was a problem with your syntax." Does this line

Population.Finland = 5,5 million;

Really need an extra semicolon ?

Here is my whole code:

var Finland = new Object();
Population.Finland = 5,5 million;
Length = 1000 km;
Location= "Fennoscandia";
var newArray = [[10000000000, "a long sentence", Finland, "Codecademy"],[1000, "Python"]];



Hi first if you want to add the propriety Population to the object Finland you should do it like that

Finland.Population = 5,5 million;

do the same for Length and Location
then these line

Population.Finland = 5,5 million;
Length = 1000 km;

you can't add million and km after your number if you want to do it you could put it inside a string