15. Links exercise: improve instruction



I think you should explain in the instructions that the sequence of :link :visited :hover matters and that this should be the right sequence.


Unfortunately, codecademy is focusing more on the new tracks, not on upgrading the old ones (html + css is an old one), in the top left column they are put in the right order.

But to properly understand why this is, you should also explain the point system, i guess choices had to be made


You're right, they have the correct sequence there. I thought this would be just a small change. And HTML/CSS is still the starting point for many. This approach causes some doubts about my intention to step up to Pro for the advanced exercises.


But all the small changes on a website the scale of codecademy is mammoth task. The html/css was created much earlier by volunteers in the earlier days of codecademy, where the pro and newer tracks (make a website, make a interactive website, command line, sql and so on) are created much more professional)

In the early day, everyone could create courses, now this is no longer possible, this has been good for the quality, less for the quantity.

I haven't done much of the pro track yet, but what i did was good. But then again, there are plenty of free resources you might want to utilize first


Thanks again. You convinced me. I continue as planned: first finish the free HTML/CSS exercises and after that I finish the Pro material.