15/23 css selectors


I have the same issue here. I tried to rearrange it every possible way without success. Is there any bug in the systeM?


you didnt put a semi-colon after "text-decoration:none"


same issue, what do I do wrong here?

color #008B45;
text-decoration: none;
color: #00ff00;
a:visited {
color: #ee9a00;


oh please ingore, just saw i was missing a ; in the color :smiley:


Got the same issue here:

a:link {
a:hover {
a:visited {

Oops, try again.
Do your tags all have href attributes?

And they all do have, checked dozens of times!


Show me your HTML and I'll get back to you?


It eventualy worked out somehow! I just added an ul tag and nested every link inside li tags. Should add this to the instructions or as a hint!


you forgot the : in color


he already figured that out, as you can see here:

; and : are on the same key, so i guess he forgot to hold the shift key, but he did figure out the correct code


can you please provide me with the html part of this exercise..i got the CSS tab part but index.html is showing error..i don't know why!!


if you need help, post your code. It is against CC policy to just provide answers


I need help with this problem on css selectors with link. The hover color is neon green. I not sure if the other colors are showing up correctly. Is the other two color suppose to orange and other green color? I only see purple and neon green on hover.

My code is below:
text-decoration: none;
color: #008B45;
color: #00FF00;

Can someone help me with color situation? I did pass the problem but I'm not sure if the color is showing up right.


your a:visited misses its color property all together. If you want a:hover to work on visited links, it should be after a:visited (yes, order matters, it is a bit more complicated then that, but for now take it for granted)


My code is working fine. But even when I visit 2 links only the color of last link changes to orange while the other colors remain dark green. Can someone help me with this?


Yea, i can help, but i need to see your css code





unable to reproduce error? i made a bin, one with facebook (which i visit) and one with a random wikipedia page, after i visit the wikipedia page, the color changes. Can i see your html code as well?

Problema: Selectores CSS, módulo 15

Thanks for you help stetim94. now my code works fine :smile:


but i didn't change a thing, why does it work now?


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