15/21 Question. Other posts said to put url first, but it worked for me


My code is above. I have been seeing all these posts about putting the background: url('...'); FIRST. Originally, that's what I did and I couldn't move on ("Oops, try again.") Nothing worked. Then, I put the url AFTER the other background properties and it worked. Did I do something wrong? Am I missing something in my code? Did this happen to anyone else? Or, am I completely insane? I can move on to the next lesson, but this was bugging me. Also, I'm using Firefox as my browser, if that has anything to do with it.


Are you seeing this background image in your web preview window?:

I'm asking because your background URL is a bit off:




@albionsrefuge No, if I remember correctly the picture was right. Looking back on my code, I also realize that I'm missing a parenthesis at the end of the url.


When I submit the exercise with an incorrect url for the background, it lets me pass with the other background properties in the wrong place. After I put in the correct url then it starts giving me the sort of errors that I would expect to see when the properties are out of place.