15/19 Triangle?


This pops out:
Oops, try again. Did you create a class with the name Triangle?
:smiley: I don't understand where is the problem

class Triangle(object):
def init(self,angle1,angle2,angle3):
self.angle1 = angle1
self.angle2 = angle2
selt.angle3 = angle3


Hi, @systemninja21377 ,

Here ...

def init(self,angle1,angle2,angle3):

... the method should be named __init__.

Make sure that your indentation is correct.


thanks, but it's already named that way


Make sure that the header of the __init__ method is indented. The contents of that method block should be indented to an additional degree.

Also check the output console for error messages. This may help resolve the problem.



Check the spelling of all variables, such as self, in all lines of code within the __init__ method block.


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