15/15 text appeared at middle


Code appeared at the middle @ Problem 123 and it's ordered list
Image also did not appeared


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <h1> Testing </h1>
  <p> Testing 1 sentence </p>
    <li> asdasdasd </li>
    <li> asd </li>
    <li> fhgdfgdfgfd </li>
<p> Problem </p>
  <li> 1 </li>
  <li> 2 </li>
  <li> 3 </li>
<a href=www.9gag.com target=_blank> Fun </a>
<img src=https://goo.gl/images/lNLQ9w alt=queen>


The URL's are supposed to be between " " also _blank should also be wrapped in quotes as well as alternative text.


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