15/15 median: "List Index out of range" Error


So i feel like the code is correct, but apparently the list index is out of range.

def median(x):
  l = sorted(x)
  n = len(l)
  answer = 0
  if n % 2 != 1:
    answer = ((l[(n/2)]) + (l[(n+2)/2])) / 2
    return answer
    answer = l[(n+1)/2]
    return answer



answer = ((l[(n/2)]) + (l[(n+2)/2])) / 2

why n+2? if the list has a length of 4, then then n+2 is 6. A list with 4 items has 3 as highest index


If we assume list length is 4, then the calculation would be (4+2)/2 = 3.

I’m guessing it’s not doing the calculation correctly so the index is out of range as you said.


but if the list has a length of 4, 4 / 2 is 2, which is the right middle index. the left middle index is 1. not 3.


You’re right! Indexs start from 0 so i should be selecting 1 and 2 as the index.

However, that still doesn’t explain why it throws an error if the calculation is within the index range (albeit the wrong one i want).


that problem is here:

answer = l[(n+1)/2]

the length of a list with one item is one. one + one is two. two / two is one. But a list with a single item only has index 0


again you are completely right.

I changed my code to this and finally cracked it.

answer = ((l[(n/2)]) + (l[(n/2)-1])) / 2.0
    return answer
    answer = l[(n/2)]

Thinking about what you said, using this code answer = l[(n/2)] with only 1 item, it would give the answer 0.5 which would be incorrect as i’d be looking for 0. I’m guessing it automatically changes it into an integer and not a float so defaults to 0? I can fix it by adding subtracting 0.5 from the equation however just figuring out how python does things in the background.


in python2, if the division involves two integers, python will floor (round down) the result to the nearest integer. This is why you will get a problem here:

answer = ((l[(n/2)]) + (l[(n+2)/2])) / 2

because if the list is [4, 5, 5, 4] we get:

9 / 2

which will give 4, while it should give 4.5

so one one hand, this division behavior is useful, on the other hand its annoying


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