14. Try it!

Would any of the mods be willing to comment on what the root cause of the SCT error was? I tried to figure it out from developer tools and am curious to see if I got the concept of what the issue was correct :slight_smile: (not something I could fix, just hoping to see if I could identify the basics for what the error was).

Hi it seems o work now and it let me go on to the next thing

A few hours ago, I looked at the SCT for this exercise, and was unable to identify any obvious errors in the code. However, it is possible that there was a problematic detail there that I missed. Unfortunately, as a Moderator, I cannot test and debug the SCT.

@kurama00, did you make any changes to your code that got it to work? If not, then maybe it passed because Codecademy staff did find a problem in the SCT, and fixed it.

Has anyone else gotten this exercise to work?

Works now with the same code that earlier gave that SCT thing. Seems to be fixed, thanks.

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Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten an answer yet :frowning:

My issue got resolved. I had the bug reported to the codecademy team

It seems like the bug has been fixed! :smiley:

Hi Just solved this issue by allocating the filter to a variable.
Then print out that variable.
–> Case solved.

squares = [x ** 2 for x in range(1,11)]
total = filter(lambda x: x > 30 and x < 71, squares)
print total

–> [36, 49, 64]