14. Looping with 'While'


The way the example is written below implies to me that I need to list two lists: while printing 50-1 it will also print 1-50.

Use a while loop to print out the numbers 1 through 50, inclusive. While the example above counts down, you will want to count up.
Use print rather than puts, and don't forget to increment your variable.

While (bad pun not intended) I was able to generate the code to do this, it was not considered successful. The only option to pass is to have the count UP from 1-50.

Am I wrong in how I read this originally?


No, I don't really know what made you think that you need to loop in both orders.

You can simply add "instead" at the end of the sentence you typed in bold.


Yeah, it's just how I interpreted the instructions.