14. Hetero Arrays ***about to throw my computer out the window(:


This is my code below.

I’m not going to lile, the concept in this lesson bugged me out a bit but I went back redid the 5 previous lessons and I’m obviously still doing something wrong.

I keep getting an error and my console is logging something completely different.

I’m gonna upload a screenshot on here as well…heres the pic

var bool1 = true;

var myObject =
type: ‘fancy’,
disposition: ‘sunny’

var myArray = {};
myArray.number = 22;
myArray = [bool1];
myArray.string = ‘Arrays’;
myArray = [myObject];



I was looking WAY too into it!


Thanks anyways guys (:


var myObj = {
type: ‘fancy’,
disposition: ‘sunny’
var myArray=[43,true,“sdf”,myObj];