14/19 - Forum now a complete mess = SOOOO disappointed. Answer for 14/19 anyone?


Forum now a complete mess = SOOOO disappointed. Answer for 14/19 anyone?
Been on 14/19 for 2.5 hours. Hint and example not even vaguely helpful. Error message indicates that system not recognizing berry on console.
Glad I don't own shares in this company.


It would probably help if you could:
- ask a question politely
- show your code so that one could find bugs and tell you about
- explain what part of the hint etc were hard to understand
- aso

Thanks in advance.


They know these problems are there but they fail to deal with them despite a lot of people continually complaining about them over a long period of time (politely). Why put a product on-line and hype it if it's not ready for the consumer? It's for $$. Hence the links to google, amazon and facebook which slow the loading down. I couldn't even add a comment because it thinks I'm a 'new user'. I've been on it daily for a month. Whenever I mention these issues I get comments like yours from the people who work at codecademy but lots of frustrated customers saying they agree with me. Why add new courses if you haven't fixed the ones on there? Is it to impress the share-holders?


I'm not a codecademy employee (and I don't get paid for this) but a moderator. Also mostly I'm around in the javaScript section so I cannot tell you that much about the python instructions. From my point of view the instructions are clear, but I already have a clue of what I'm trying to do there so maybe for you it's different and it would definitely help if you could add some more information what is challenging for you? The instructions tell you that you get the key. Ok this alone might be confusing but the exercise before you did something similar for lists, did it? And you should know from previous lessons how to get the value from a dictionary if you got the key, do you? How to print something should be obvious at this state. I give you the point that laying the focus of the hint on adding a space is probably not the best choice but still this exercise isn't impossible and as said more information would help.

Please visit the Help page. Anyway just demanding an answer (to the exercise) and giving few to no indications what is wrong is not helpful.


6/15 - Prime no.s.Practice makes perfect.
what does any of this mean?
I didn't do college maths. I'm not interested in maths. Does that mean I should not/cannot learn Python? Is it that the person who's setting out some of this course is into maths?

Also can someone explain 6/15 to me or give me their answer and explain it to me? Something about Prime numbers


You don't need to know college math to deal with prime numbers and it is explained what they are and what you got to do with it. That's the real problem with math people tend to say "its math I don't understand it" before actually trying to.

A prime number is a number only divisible by 1 and itself so

1 not prime divisors: only 1
2 prime divisors: 1 and 2
3 prime divisors: 1 and 3
4 not prime divisors 1,2 and 4

and so on so in order to determine if a number is prime or not you just have to brute force try if it is divisible by any number from 2 to the specific number -1 (obviously it's divisible by itself and 1 so they are pointless) if you found a number that divides it without rest you can return False otherwise it prime. Hope this is helps.


Thanks for replying but that did not help at all with the code.


Well there you'd need the hint:

print key,d[key]


print key+" "+d[key]


What do you need for the code you should check any number from 2 to number-1 which sounds like a classical for loop. And you should check whether it is divisible by this number or not (hint: modulo).

    d = {'a': 'apple', 'b': 'berry', 'c': 'cherry'}

for key in d:
    # Your code here!   
    print key, d[key]

This is my code solution which was correct. I got stuck on it also but it took me 5 mins to research. My advise is to break every 30 minutes or so and come back at it with fresh eyes. Staying zen is a must for any coding and especially when learning like we all are! Getting frustrated is your bell for taking a break. Pushing on will get you nowhere. Thats my experience anyhow.


I had an issue because i didnt realize they wanted each key, d[key] combo on its each line i was trying to make them all on the same line with :
print key, d[key],
instead of: print key, d[key]


I just want you to know that I agree with you completely. I think haxor789 doesn't understand how frustrating codecademy is. Huge gaps in their explanations of the lessons set people up for failure. Codecademy simply does not instruct well. Though it is free, it is still disappointing and sometimes maddening. You are not alone.


darkhorse1 is right. I appreciate your efforts at conciliation, but the huge gaps in Codecademy's explanations of concepts sets people up for failure and discouragement. Some of these lessons have almost brought me to tears.


ok, I thought I was the only one struggling with Code Academy and the way they don't explain concepts or seem to inject functions, etc, into lessons before introducing them.


you didn't realize it because they didn't teach or ask for it. Nor was it in the 'Hint' section


I know they keep changing the site so many times, and you will see once the users have gotten used to this forum they will change it again. But anyway here is my code as how I understood it from the instructions:

for key in d:
                 print key
                 print " " 
                 print d[key]


Why does - print key, d[key] work when it is the value not the key that we want to print? In other words, if we are trying to print "b berry" shouldn't we type print key, d[value]?


Well an object is a collection of data that is ordered in key value pairs and the way to get the value is to ask "Object what is that value at key xyz" or in code objectName[key].


I have to agree about the confusion on CA. I'm glad there is a free resource here to learn and I'm grateful for that but the gaps in logic are fairly abundant. I feel like it expects me to get from point A to point C without telling me where point C is or that there's even a point B.

I actually am surprised when I get through a few lessons without having to check the QA forums. Usually the hints are completely unhelpful to me.

The Python course is really hit or miss. Javascript was that way for me too. However, I thought HTML/CSS was done really well. I felt confident through that entire course.


Yeah, I agree. Php was straight-forward too. The other students' successful examples are excellent help.