Create an array, myArray. Its first element should be a number, its second should be a boolean, its third should be a string, and its fourth should be... an object! You can add as many elements of any type as you like after these first four. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!


Well set up your array like you normal would with a var and myArray. Then = it to in brackets a number a boolean(obviously true or false] a string (for example 'Hi') and an object. Now to get the object in there you have to set above the Array the Object as var myObject = and then equal it to something (for example for me I did { age: 123 } Then at the end of the array just put in myObject bracket and ; to end it all. So all in all,

var my Object = { whatever }

var my Array = [number, boolean, 'string', myObject];


thank you so much :smile:


No problem! happy coding :smiley:


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