13. Lambda Syntax


I'm completely lost on this step. Am I even close? My code is below.

strings = ["leonardo", "donatello", "raphael", "michaelangelo"]
# Write your code below this line!

symbolize = lambda {|x| strings.to_sym}

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symbols = strings.collect(&symbolize)


Very close in fact. but lets dissect this line for a minute:

{|x| strings.to_sym}

"x" is acting as a parameter for "lambda". so instead of strings, put "x" like this:

{|x| x.to_sym}


OMG, I'm kicking myself now. Thanks so much!


I've always had a hard time grasping this concept. How does 'x' know to go thru the strings array being that we haven't referenced strings anywhere in the block | parameter?