13. Lambda Syntax :)


Oops, try again. Your syntax doesn't look quite right. Take a look at the examples in the instructional text and the Hint if you need help!

languages = ["HTML", "JavaScript", "Python", "Ruby"]
print filter(lambda "Python", languages)


Hi, @karray ,

How does your lambda syntax differ from the following, which is given in the instructions?

filter(lambda x: x % 3 == 0, my_list)

Link to exercise: Lambda Syntax


this is from the examples:

my_list = range(16)
filter(lambda x: x % 3 == 0, my_list)

compared to your code, this is what the above would look like:

filter(lambda 0, my_list)

there are quit a few things missing

it seems @appylpye beats me to it


thank you both!
i managed to do it