13. is_int (modulo confusion)



After searching the forums, I am given to understand that the code below is a valid solution for this exercise, but I don't understand why. To my understanding, a number divided by 1 always leaves a remainder of zero. Why then would modulo not return a remainder of zero for a number with a decimal point?

define is_int(x):
    if x % 1 == 0:
        return True
        return False


You typed define instead of def

Your code:
define is_int(x):

Should be:
def is_int(x)


Thanks for your response, however I'm not looking for an issue with my syntax. I catch those after submitting code.

Do you have any insights regarding my question about modulo?


well, for example 3.5 % 1, i have 0.5 left after division. The remainder is what is left after division, this include the decimal numbers


You'll have to forgive me, as it's been 20 years or so since I've bothered with this kind of math, so I may be missing the obvious here.

But even on a calculator, 3.5 divided by 1 equals 3.5, with a remainder of zero.

Or as I tend to convert these things into English in my head: 3.5 divided equally into 1 group is 3.5.

This is where I'm getting confused...


but 3.5 % 1, means the biggest possible division which can be made is 3 (3*1), 4 is no longer possible (4*1), so to calculate the remainder i have to number minus biggest possible division (3.5 - 3), which means i have 0.5 remaining


Modulo is more strict than division. Its purpose is to find the remainder, and its purpose it shall fulfill :wink:

To a computer, the expression 3.5 % 1 means to divide 3.5 by 1 and return any remainder. Well, 3.5 divided by 1 is literally 3 with a remainder of 0.5. Humans write that as 3.5, but the modulo operator returns only the 0.5.


Thanks. It's been a very long time since I had any cause to think about remainders in long division. It came back to me once I got out a pad of paper and did it by hand. :slight_smile:


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