13 Image and Links

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong :frowning: Someone please help…

I have this problem also


it is all simply a typo:
<ahref= must be changed to <a href=

But i write this one right…

However on line 8 on the image that you gave, it is written <ahref without white space. The one on line 9 is correct. In case of doubt, you can also check the hint at the end of the instructions.

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@aziz_hazim, if you need help with a exercise, please make your own topic, with the exercise number, code and error message. Then we can help you, thank you for your understanding

how do i put a link around an image really stuck on it

how do i put a image around a link please need help

Can you show us what you tried? Well, you have a link, where normally you put text:

<a href="url">text</a>

now, instead of text put a <img>, you could also have gotten this from the information in the exercise