13. Comparisons : Explanation


If you are having some trouble understanding what this exercise is trying to show you, this might help.

This exercise is showing you that you can use JavaScript to ask the computer to compare things and it will give you back a response. There are two possible responses that it can give you: true or false.

This exercise gives you a list of 6 comparison operators that you can use to compare things.

Then the exercise gives you 4 different pairs of things to compare and you are told that the response must be true. Your task is to pick a comparison operator from the list of 6 that will accomplish that.

Before we look at the things that the exercise wants you to compare, let’s look at a few practice examples.

We are going to use console.log() to print out the result.

console.log(2 > 2)  // this will print false
console.log(2 < 3)  // this will print true
console.log(4 <= 1)  // false
console.log(4 >= 1)  // true
console.log(3 === 3)  // true
console.log(3 !== 3)  // false
console.log("codecademy".length > 3) // true
console.log(2*3 == 7) // false

Now let’s get back to the examples that the exercise wants you to work on.

The exercise has filled in the comparison operator for you, the > sign was chosen.

Now you must choose the right comparison operators that will make each of the remaining comparisons true.

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