13/4 Keeps telling me to use a switch statemet when i am


I am on 13/4 and it ask to do the movies part, it says to do it using a switch and return. Im using a switch with a return and its prompting me 'try using a switch statement" and the text is exact with what the answers and responses are.

var getReview = function() {

    var name = prompt("Please enter name of movie");
    switch(name) {
        case "Toy Story 2": return "Great Movie. Mean prospector.";
        case 'Fiding Nemo': return "Cool animation, and funny turtles.";
        case 'The Lion King': return "Great songs";
        default: return "I dont know!";

it fully works


You forgot to break; your cases. Also you spelled "Finding Nemo" wrong. Example:

case 'Finding Nemo':
    return "Great movie. Mean prospector.";