13/33 help stuck



is this right?

var multiply = function (x,y) {
    return x  y;
multiply(6,7); / 42

please get back to me as quicly as you can


Missing math operator, *.

x * y


thanks man that helped


but now the code is showing up as white and i also got rid of the / and the 42 at the end, but when it is white it won't work for some reason

var multiply = function (x,y) {
return x * y;


so it would help if you reply because i cont't do anything while the code turns white instead of multicoloured :frowning:


The output is not from your function, but the console response to the last executed command. Log your result to see the actual output.

console.log(multiply(6, 7))


when i close the browser it still dosen't work for some reason and i have tried it a lot of times. But i like your thinking


are you still on mtf


and i have tried to log out and back in again


Do not use the erroneous code previously suggested and deleted.

Your function should NOT call itself. That will be an infinite loop.

var multiply = function (x, y) {
    return x * y;

console.log(multiply(6, 7));    // 42


i have tried to stop that and i have put in now

var multiply = function (x,y) {
multiply (6,7);




at the end separately, not in the same code


but they stilll don't work


This is an infinite loop. A function that calls itself is called recursion, but there is a set of rules that the function must follow. We do not cover the concept here since it can lead to so many crashes. Examine my last post, above.


that still dosen't work i really don't know what is going on


I really don't know what to say. We've spelled it out to you. Now it is somebody else's turn, since I don't seem to be much help. Happy coding!


sorry to disturb you


Not at all. There will come a day I could be more helpful.


can you please post a full screenshot?


@oggy10jack you have a function, multiply, that takes 2 parameters: x and y. Inside your function, you need to return the value of x times y. Then, from outside your multiply function (on line 4 or 5), you need to log the result of multiply(6, 7) to the console.