13/16 Won't Progress because number isn't an integer?


Very simple instructions for this section of Ruby. Asks to create a variable my_name as a string, and my_age as an integer.

var my_name = "Steve Jobs"
var my_age = 22

But won't accept because it says "looks like the variable my_age isn't an integer". I know I'm not supposed to put quote marks around the number, that would make it a string. So what exactly is it looking for when it says "an integer", if a plain number isn't it?

Thanks everyone in advance.


Was able to solve my own mystery.
I took out the 'var' at the start of each line and it accepted it.


I had the same problem.... I can`t understand, why this works

Variable_name = "my_name"

my_name = "Henry"

Variable_name = "my_age"

my_age = 28

Because it gave the red text "(ruby):4: warning: already initialized constant Variable_name", but still let me pass the exercise


I appreciate the opportunity to learn Ruby, but if they are going to offer this, could someone debug this course before putting it out there, or at least go back and fix it?