13/15: Any hints?


I am properly stuck on 13/15 - any hints regarding a working code would be much appreciated!

def product(p):
    q = 1
    for i in range(len(p)):
        q = q * p[i]
    return q
print(product([4, 5, 5]))

def product("""list of numbers as in example"""):
    """counter""" = 1 #because multiplying by 0 is 0
    for """each element in your list""" in """your list""":
        # your counter should be multiplied by each element in your list \n and then return the result of this multiplying

Hope this helps.


Here is my simple code

def product(numbers):
    for i in numbers:
    return t


Great hint. thanks for not spelling it out directly!

def product(numbers):
    total = 1  # Total is 1 because anything times zero equals zero
    total = int(total) # total has to be an integer 
    for x in numbers: 
        total *= x # Here, this means that it multiplies x by the total, and does so for each
    return total


Yours works well. I took a different approach on the for loop and did this:

def product(list):
     pro = 1
     for number in list:
         pro *= number
     return pro


Thanks for the comment


Quite elegant solution!


I found and learned what the "reduce" function does and came up with this:

def product(int_lst):
    return reduce(lambda x,y: x * y, int_lst)


Here is my code, it's very simple to understand:
def product(lst):
for i in lst:
result *= i
return result